booth shot 2

boutonne rouge sound booth 2zoe gtr booth b&w

zoe mic 1

zoe booth 2aeffects rack 1

JC, drummer with the Fake Raccoons

The Candy Stripes, December 2015 The-Candy-Stripes 3


kenny bass boutonne rouge

A special drum kit comes to reside at Boutonne Rouge… played by Duncan Gaffney to accompany Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse on Duncan's kit 1

Kenny tries it out!

Duncan't kit at Boutonne Rouge Kenny tries the kit 1Kenny tries the kit 2

Ronnie Caryl’s band Luc Diabra, Marco Darnere, Patrick Bujard and Ronnie Caryl with Kenny, recording in the studio February 2016  Ronnie's band in the studio 1Ronnie's band in the studio 2

Ronnie sings guide vocals in the control room…

Kenny in the studio  Ronnie in the studio 1 Ronnie in the studio 2

Luc in the studioPatrick


Sophie and Kevin Earl come to the studio to record, February 2016   Sophie in the studioSophie sings 1 Sophie sings 2

Kevin, Zoe & Kenny singing bv’s!  Kevin, Zoe & Kenny sing bv's 2 jpg Kevin, Zoe & Kenny sing bv's 3 jpg Kevin, Zoe & Kenny sing bv's

Gary & Carole Seale recording their songs, February 2016

Gary Seale's logo

Gary & Carole 1 Gary & Carole 2 Gary & Carole 3 Gary & Carole 4

Ronnie Caryl returns to record some lead vocals…

Ronnie lead vocals 2 Ronnie lead vocals 1

Mike and Sue of Shanghai Lil recording in February 2016Mike & Sue in the studio 6Mike & Sue in the studio 1 Mike & Sue in the studio 4  Mike & Sue in the studio 7

Andy Berry plays his blues harp on his self penned track


Gary Cordice singing his self penned songs “John Henry” & “Back in the Day”, July 2017

Gary in the studio 3Gary in the studio 2

Josh MoirJosh 2 choses Boutonne Rouge to work on his original album during 2017Josh 3

Glynis West comes to the studio with her pianist to record an album of 10 songs, December 2017

IMG_4036 IMG_4037