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Songwriters – Zoe and Kenny will be happy to demo your song. With huge experience in music and entertainment, they will be able to bring your song to life –  please contact them to discuss your project and for an estimate of the cost involved.

Auteurs-Compositeurs, Zoe et Kenny seront heureux de faire la démonstration de votre chanson. Avec une expérience énorme dans la musique et le divertissement, ils seront en mesure d’apporter votre chanson à la vie – s’il vous plaît contactez-les pour discuter de votre projet et pour une estimation du prix.

Testimonial by Tony Sadler on working on his album When Words Run Out, written with John Harrison, now available to buy at CD Baby https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/harrison32 please visit to hear extracts of the songs!

“I knew both Zoe and Kenny from attending their Singing and Guitar workshops so I knew they were both fine musicians and along with my fellow songwriter John Harrison I wanted to move our work to a different level. The professional gloss that they have given our songs has transformed them from good but amateur works into something that will stand alongside anything you hear on the radio. Zoe’s vocal skills and Kenny’s production and guitar abilities have made us sound better than we ever have before. They’ll also work you hard and make you earn your place alongside them, it’s been such a learning experience for me. If you have a song you’d like to hear recorded or even just the germ of an idea take it to Boutonne Rouge and they will make you proud to have written it.”