A cover of I wanna Hold your hand; I put a click/percussive track down, played two acoustic guitar tracks, Zoe came and sang a main vocal, added some harmonies and effects and mixed it. This was the first track we recorded after the building and wiring was done, we had no overdub booth at the time so she sang it next to the stairs. Our good friend and keyboard player extraordinaire, Mal Maddoc added keyboard parts.

Tall story

McKenZie made their new album at Boutonne Rouge studio in 2017, here is an excerpt from one of the songs, more details on their site mckenziecountry.com

One more time

During 2017 Josh Moir has been to the studio several times to work on his original album, here is a little preview of one of his songs. For this track we hear Josh on vocals and guitars, Kenny on drums & bass.

Say something

Talented young singers Chloe Amelia & Callum Budgen-Jones chose Boutonne Rouge to record some covers; this is a backing track they brought to the studio then recorded their vocals.

Back in the day

John Henry

Actor & Singer Gary Cordice visited the studio in July 2017 to record two of his own songs, John Henry & Back in the day; he says ”Working with Kenny was a great experience, he is a great musician with an instinct to draw out the essence of what you are trying to achieve in a song! Thanks Kenny!”


We were delighted when Brian Bennett chose Boutonne Rouge to come and record some covers. Here we hear him singing and playing guitar, assisted by Kenny who played the drums, bass and keyboards for his songs.

After the Goldrush

Recorded using a Neumann mic , Zoe Caryl on main vocals and backing vocals and myself (Kenny Plenderleith) on backing vocals. I laid down a click and chord pad on Logic audio, then we recorded multi-vocals, we lost the click and chords and then added effects and mastered using the logic multipressor.


Martin Lavansch visited the studio to record a 12 track acoustic album in September 2016, here is a short extract of one of the songs he did.

That summer

We were very pleased to welcome talented young singer songwriter Jade to the studio to record some of her self penned songs. Now released, this single features Jade on vocals and guitar, whilst Kenny arranged the song and played all the other instruments we hear.

I can't make you love me

When our good friend and keyboard maestro Kevin Earl came over with his very talented 16yr talented daughter Sophie we just had to get her in and record a song, as we were limited on time we decided to do a cover of this song (see title) but in a different way, so we did in a light reggae feel. I started by programming the drums, Kevin laid a chord guide down, I then DI’d the bass, Sophie sat around patiently while Kev added more keyboard tracks and I added guitar, using the ZT amp mic’d outside the control room. Sophie then went in and nailed the vocal without rehearsal. Kevin, Zoe and myself added backing vocals, we did a quick mix et voila !

How will I knowA demo, this was Sophie’s own personal take/arrangement on the Whitney Houston classic, recorded using one vocal mike and the guitar was DI’d and mic’d.

only you

This was a re-working of Ronnie’s own song but recorded with his very talented French band. Ronnie was in the control room with me singing a guide vocal and playing guitar (telecaster through our vox 15watt combo mic’d outside the control room). Luc Diabra was in the booth playing a Pearl kit using only 3 mics, 2 overheads and a kick (for simplicity) , Patrick Bujard (Bubu), using his Godin and Stratocaster through our ZT club amp and Marco Darnere  the bass player was outside the booth and DI’d onto our Megas console via the Behringer DI rackmount. Afterwards Ronnie corrected any vocals that needed doing and Bubu did an overdub, later on Ronnie, Zoe (Ronnies sister) and Bubu did some BV’s.https://sites.google.com/site/ronniecarylofficialsite/home 

song title

We decided to do our own version of the Rodney Crowell/ Emmylou Harris song for the Telethon here in France, I basically did the drum (programming) and keyboard parts, played the guitar parts , Zoe and myself sang and did BV’s then we approached a local accordionist Guy David who very kindly agreed to give up his time and talent to play on it, we mixed it and put it on our website for charity.

Music recorded at Boutonne Rouge Studio, 2015 – 2019

All engineering, production & mastering done by Kenny Plenderleith