3 guitars

Megas Soundtracs Studio 32–24-16 Analogue Console (fully modular)

K Rok CE98 Monitors

Quad 303 Power amp

Apple G4, G5 & Pro 8 computers running Logic Audio

M-Audio & Mackie digital audio interfaces

M-Audio midisport 4×4

Drawmer (front end) mx60 vocal/instrument processor

Behringer ultra DI pro D1800

Yamaha Rev 7

Berhinger V-amp

Cambridge audio CD player

 Samson C que Headphone amps

Roland SC88 VL sound canvas

Roland Sonic Cell x-srx series sound module

Emu proteus world sound module

Kurzweil RG80 weighted keyboard

Roland XP10 keyboard

Sony DAT machine

Copy stars duplicator CD rack


By Neuman, AKG, Rode, Oktavia, Shure and Superlux


ZT Club

Vox Pathfinder 15 R (tremolo)

Peavey Bandit 112

Laney Acoustic amp 30c

Laney bass amp

Hughes and Ketner 60R edition blue

Blackstar ID15 TVP

Arbiter drum kit

Pearl drum kit

Guitars – various Telecasters


Line 6 variax

Ayers electro acoustic

Epiphone electro acoustic 

Squier precision bass

Crafter electro acoustic hybrid

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